My name is Kaylin Ezz.
I'm a model. Art enthusiast. Music is my religion. Adventure is what I live for and seek out. This is a personal blog, and my perspective, my thoughts and rants.



Humans are the worst. The word goodbye sucks. It implies that we won’t see each other again. We leave people constantly. Protecting ourselves from getting hurt by the ones that we think love us. We have weird gestures of “love” where we put our arms around each other to show possession, like we own that person and they are our property. When we love someone we don’t say it enough, but when we love something, we never hear the end of it. Everyone knows you love fucking starbucks, we get it. The media is fucked. We don’t hear the things that we need to hear. I bet no one knows we loose 137 plants, animals, and insects a year. Everything revolves around money. Greed is disgusting. We are never happy with the things that we have. It’s human nature to always want something better. When we love someone, we bring them flowers. A gift that is temporary and dies after a short period of time. As if we mean to say, my love and your beauty is temporary because everything is but I love you for right now and that is all that matters. When we cross each other’s paths, we say “Hello, how are you?” and only wait until a one word response is given before moving on. “Good” instead of a lengthy answer. You asked me how I was fucking doing, don’t just walk away after I say “fine”. It’s the most pathetic exchange of words and the countless encounters that I will never remember. We cry and cry and cry. Sometimes our hormones get the best of us about the littlest and stupidest things and other times it’s just about the people that hurt us. Rarely it’s because of joy. People have the power to make our hearts swell and our bodies ache as we yearn for passion and lust. I could cry a river for those certain people who ripped my heart out and left it for the ruthless vultures. Some may call me bitter but it is only because time and time again I hope and wish for a peace of mind and maybe for love even. The amount of pleasure I feel is almost equal to pain yet, we remember the bad times more vividly than the good. The almost feel like a dream, it makes me sad that I can’t remember them as well as the time a clown chased me or rolly pollies attacked my feet and climbed my bruised up legs or the time I projectile vomited a blueberry ice cream milk shake. God knows why I thought that was a good idea when I had a fever of 103 degrees. We listen to the music that speaks to us. Some of us listen to trashy rap songs (pussy, money, weed etc.), others hipster indie-pop, electronic dance, the list goes on.. we all listen to feel something, or maybe just to get away for a little while. Music of today cannot and does not compare to music yesterday. Our tastes are fleeting. We are constantly changing. Every seven years we are a “new” person because our skin cells are repaired and our old skin was replaced and flaked off. The fact that MALE politicians have a say in the affair of a WOMENS vagina is beyond me. Don’t fucking tell me what I can and cannot do to my body. If women want birth control they should very well be able to get it. We don’t need more of us on this planet. We smoke dried leaves to feel nothing, get drunk to avoid the truth and when we are intoxicated, we finally have the courage to speak our minds. Then we make stupid drunken mistakes. We’re all just little animals but we eat little animals that cannot do anything about their hopeless situation. It’s lost cause. Some people just either don’t care enough, or don’t know enough. We destroy their habitats and eat their young. We burn their flesh and slice them open with knives because we cannot tear it of with teeth. We hang them by their hind legs and and cut their heads off because the FDA does not approve of killing them on the ground. It is in-humane. We have so much potential to do good, but instead we do nothing and watch the world fall apart. Falling in love seems like it’s for chumps, love just fuzzes things up. We do crazy things for love. We give up on what we believe in because we are scared to loose the ones that we love. There are billions of stars (as many as there are grains of sand) that we can barely see each and every night due to us plaguing the world. But I guess ignorance is bliss. I try to look up with my head held high, but my heart sinks to my feet. 

- ? Apr 8th 2014


n. fear that learning the name of something—a bird, a constellation, an attractive stranger—will somehow ruin it, transforming a lucky discovery into a conceptual husk pinned in a glass case, which leaves one less mystery to flutter around your head, trying to get in.

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- ? Dec 2nd 2013

Gustav Klimt - Death and Life (1916)


Listen to me, you can’t fix people.
Your love won’t make him stop hating his father
and your devotion won’t cure her of her childhood.
All you can do is be there, violets sprouting out
from your ribs, acceptance on your lips, your own
wounds still bleeding and all you can do is be there
and sometimes that’s enough, sometimes that’s everything.

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- ? Nov 16th 2013
- ? Nov 16th 2013